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Mapa de Mexico antes de 1846
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 Gonzales, California

Moro, Oregon

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Mexican America Professionals

According to Wikipedia, "Mexican Americans make up 16.6% of managementbusinessscience, and arts occupations, and 10.2% of professional, scientific, management and administrative, and waste management services occupations, compared to 36.1% and 10.9% of the general population, respectively."

Mexican Influence in America

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Because Mexico has such a huge influence in America, many people speak Spanish in America. Also, many media outlets show Spanish language shows, because they know they have a huge Spanish speaking population.

Mexican Culture in America 

Mexican food is a huge part of American diets. Almost once a week, my family eats a food with some sort of Mexican influence. Also Cinco de Mayo is a huge part of American culture. Not to mention, many kids and adults speak Spanish. Lots of kids who may not even have Mexican ancestry, still speak Spanish because its a huge part of the typical American school system.